A worldwide organisation with a local touch

Global scope

Kepro was established in 1972 as a local manufacturer of water soluble powders for the Dutch poultry industry. Throughout the years we have expanded our scope in more than one sense. Today we offer a wide range of products, exported to over 70 countries worldwide. Our head office is located in the city of Deventer, The Netherlands.

Local expertise

Weather conditions, animal populations and farming practises differ from region to region and even from country to country. Our policy of working with exclusive national importers has always enabled us to apply a local touch in our dealings with each country. We use this local knowledge to develop tailor-made solutions for local livestock needs.

Making it work together

To succeed it's very important to have reliable partners, able and willing to cooperate and dedicated to customer interests. Kepro's core policy is to establish and entertain long term relationships based on reliability, security, quality, competitiveness and excellent service. In our view this is the only way to get results. 

Looking ahead

Besides expertise gained in the past, our challenge as a company is to ensure our competitive position for the future. Although our current product portfolio is highly appreciated by our customers, tomorrow is certain to bring new challenges to our industry. In order to face these challenges we do not hesitate to invest in Research & Development and in optimization of production processes on a structural basis

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WOUND CARE ένα 100% φυσικό επουλωτικό σπρέι πληγών για όλα τα ζώα.

WOUND CARE ένα 100% φυσικό επουλωτικό σπρέι πληγών για όλα τα ζώα.

WOUND CARE   ΣΥΝΘΕΣΗ:    Περιέχει ανά 100ml:   Φυσικά συστ..

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